Meet Landon & the Crew

Landon Beacock

Landon graduated from Fleming College's Arboriculture and Urban Forester programs in 2008. Since graduating Landon continued his education and became a certified Utility Arborist. After completing the Arboriculture program he began his own business in 2008 called Landon's Tree Service.

Landon is the owner and operator of the business. He has been running this business for the last 11 years and is passionate about this line of work. He thrives on various challenges that are presented to him through the many different tree jobs he has done. He now has a crew of guys working with him and is enjoying seeing his business grow!

Landon is personable and enjoys meeting new customers and chatting to them about the best options for their trees. He loves being an arborist and is dedicated to his customers and his business!

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